Degrees & certificates

Christian Life College offers a Bachelor's Degree, Associate of Arts Degree, Certificates and Diplomas.

  • B.A. Degree

    Christian Life College offers a Bachelor of Arts in either Ministerial Studies or Pastoral Studies. The following list is a variety of courses that you may choose from:

    • Biblical Studies
    • Pastoral Ministry
    • Youth Ministry
    • Children’s Ministry
    • Music Ministry
    • Worship Studies
    • Theology
    • Philosophy
    • Christian Counseling
    • Christian Education
    • Church Media
    • Missions
    • World Religions
    • Greek
    • Hebrew
    • Leadership 
  • A.A. Degree

    Christian Life College offers the Associate of Arts Degree in Christian Studies. This degree is intended to serve the student who will pursue a non-ministerial career; people who are already established in their career but who desire a Bible college education; people who attend a local church regularly and want to develop their capacity to minister more effectively; and people who simply desire a Bible college education for personal spiritual growth and an understanding of the Scriptures.

    This program also provides a foundation for further study in the Bachelor of Arts program in Ministerial Studies.

  • certificates

    Christian Life College offers two non-degree programs:

    • A one-year Certificate of Bible
    • A two-year Diploma of Bible

    The Certificate of Bible and the Diploma of Bible programs are designed for the student whose major concentration is Bible and Bible-related subjects and does not intend to pursue a degree program. The Certificate of Bible program primarily follows the requirements for the Christian studies program without the general studies requirements. The Diploma of Bible program includes an additional year of in-depth study in Bible and Bible-related subjects without the general studies requirements.

    "CLC trained and equipped me to be an effective lifelong lover, learner and communicator of GOD’s Word."

    -Neil Lindwall