spiritual enrichment

Throughout each semester, activities are planned to promote community and inspire students to grow in their relationships with each other. Whether it's a lunch sponsored by the student council, a group on their way to a concert, or team-building activities at the Student Retreat, our students have a great time working and relaxing together.

Chapel services are a time for students’ to reflect upon and respond to the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Chapels include a variety of creative programs including ministry by guest speakers, faculty, and students. Students gain valuable experience in chapel services as they participate in song-leading, special music, audiovisual needs and sharing times. Emphasis is placed upon learning and responding to the Holy Spirit. In the senior year, students in the Pastoral Studies program are given the opportunity to preach in chapel. Opportunities of worship, prayer and challenge are provided during Chapel services every Tuesday. Students are required to attend every chapel service unless excused by the administration.

student suites

The student suites have a total of 12 suites for Housing. Your housing assignments are carefully arranged by our College Staff. You will be placed in a suite with other students of the same gender. 

Each Suite has: 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, common area (living & dining room), kitchen, and laundry room.

We also have a place where both genders can hang out in the Student Lounge where you can watch cable, play pool, games, study among other students and have a great time of fellowship with one another.

ascension convention

As a student you will be a part of the leadership team of the Ascension Convention!

For over 35 years, Christian Life College has seen thousands of young people gather to celebrate Jesus on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday before Easter at their annual youth event, the Ascension Convention. Ascension brings together top-notch communicators and passionate worship artists for an amazing three day experience.

Over the years, Ascension has seen an incredible amount of Jr. High through College age students make life-changing decisions to follow Jesus. There’s no better place to spend the days leading up to Easter!


Christian Life College’s Alumni Association connects past students with each other and the ongoing ministry of Christian Life College.

The focus of the Alumni Association is to:
BUILD RELATIONSHIPS – reconnect alumni and build a community of relationships.

SHARE STORIES – provide opportunities to be inspired by life stories of alumni worldwide. These stories will also serve as a vital tool to cast vision for prospective students and donors.

VISION PARTNERSHIP – join alumni with the expanding ministry of Christian Life College through communication and giving opportunities.

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"Christian Life College taught me the value of the Word of God, Worship, and the understanding who I am in Christ. The teaching prepared me for working in the ministry. I grew by leaps and bounds in my personal life and grew in knowing who God truly was in me and how to allow Him to live through me. I am thankful that God led me to CLC."

-Julia Revelle